True Blue Gets Fancy With Their Security Checks

May 31, 2012

True Blue has been subjected to having their dongles cloned into cheaper alternatives. We already have seen them employ software based checks. They’re adding some checks to keep those cloners in …. check.

The team is starting to change up the packaging that the dongle is sent in. The new packaging will feature tamper evident labels on both the packaging and the dongle itself. If either have been messed with, the seal will be broken. As a fallback, you can use the security check found in the System Software screen of the XMB, for the cases where the shipping isn’t too good.

It’s great to see that the team is focusing to protect the integrity of their dongle. However, users have been on edge waiting for a decent set of patches to be released by them and/or PARADOX. With PSN access now working on 3.55 again, users will be wanting to make a return online. But wait, True Blue made their firmware incompatible with the REBUG spoofer. Pfft, so much for that thought. Hello True Blue, get your stuff working with REBUG again and work on those patches.

Source: True Blue

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