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June 6, 2012


Since i was bashed senseless with the first part, and hate…(oh man) the hate that ONE deduction or conjecture can generate it’s awesome. I was questioned, insulted, etc.
But you know what? since my *judgment* is fine for the time being i can’t afford that you the one reading this lost more precious time reading my lines.  If you don’t like this /ignore

Next to nothing:

All traces/whois and random *data* points to *dummy* Corps working in multiple areas, what i found (using ONE lead) it’s more scams and products of *dubious* quality and (some kind) of HQ located in New York. The funny/weird thing is that this dummy corporations were exposed more than one time.
And what i traced on the FIRST part of this research looking for some answers only this = JackLi appeared to vanish into thin air.
Seems logical, the domain of truebluejb2 (now offline) while I’m posting this. Changed his data in order to protect themselves from being too exposed.

Company Address : C-5F, Haibing Industry Zone, Xing Ye Road, Block 65, Bao An, Shen Zhen
Contact Person : Ms Kelly Sun (manager)

Following another *hint* from another user, we reach always the same spot Shen Zhen (China)
It’s a dead end in terms to locate someone/something and it’s a dead end try it too, hence even if a reach the *honey pot* will be useless, they eventually will change AGAIN all the data in order *mislead* the one who is searching something about them.
The only thing i found was GainGame Inc (that was already founded) this *corporation* (a big name i think). Was reported many times for bad reputation. (Look into Ebay..)

They own various domains, and seems some way connected with TB or WAS connected to TB. Click here for more information
Needless to say the product is mass-produced in China, where *LAWS* against this type of devices are obsolete.

The questions:

How come a device that allows a *legal piracy* can reach any spot in the world and getting away with no problems at all?.
How come anybody who is anti-dongle never reported the device as *not legal* according to the laws of each different country this product get’s in.

Yes, you can go and SUE the reseller, like some many times the idea was written on many threads all over the scene sites. But what you can do?, in the best case sceneario you are only *stopping* in some way ONE, from hundreds.
Then i saw posted to some kind of Boycot = Don’t buy the product in order to NOT GENERATE demand, eventually the product will drop the price or even will cease to exist.
But you cannot condition another person not to buy, since it’s his money and it’s his pocket. And it’s logical above all.

How come anybody bring this case to court?, the same way that happened with homebrews? to make them LEGAL (which not happened btw..sad).
How come most of the *new* users screams/shouts/spouts pure hate towards this product and DO nothing to revert the situation?..

So far we got a device (and his clones) that if it’s eventually reversed/cracked will lead a pandemonium of pure warez and NO HOMEBREW.
So far we got a thread with a poll to pay a dev to do this job. (For me still not ethical).

And NOW seems that solutions keeps rising from everywhere.
1) The dongle being reversed
2) E3 announces a *new solution* no report from them yet. Many users thinking that they will give us for free..(wishful thinking) As far as i know, you have to pay for hardware flashers.
3) Another possible clone. With less security measures or another ones.

Dark Alex:

I did mention him, funny how some threads are still in Internet stating that *China* stolen from him code according to some users. (Yeas i know PSP not PS3!)

What i think is that China hacked the Dark Alex’s custom firmware and now have the ability to create their own firmware. Just guessing but they probably learned the code by looking at Dark’s.
Here in Custom PSP’s are big business, im 90% sure they can create custom firmware themselves.
I don’t mean to create some crazy rumor, this is just a theory and im sure its totally rational.
If they did this would be good news to the community, if China is willing to cooperate with the community and release us the updates should they have new custom firmware. They may not release it as it is big business their. They sell their custom PSPs openly in the store and profit off “fixing” other peoples official firmware PSPs.

Source = Here

I did not stated as him as guilty or be behind of this dongle, just pointed some *funny fact* to you to jump into conclusions.
But as i said in the other, i still hold my ground on that. If you start to connect dates, events, etc. Google and any other search engine will trow you what you want to read.



The other thread i did, and frontpage it. Showed me how intolerant some users can be when a plausible fact is posted. Or you are gonna say me:

1) You NEVER stopped and give some tought about TB not being touched by ANYONE not even by $ONY??
2) That’s the perfect EXCUSE to ruin any chance to run HOMEBREWS instead of warez.
3) Neither you noticed that being reversed/cracked or some magical FREE solution appears will be only to unleash more piracy and in fact this dongle IS stalling some sectors of the SCENE.

In that case why Kakaroto always stated with his HEN, that only if it’s released will allow to run HOMEBREWS and not backups?. HOMEBREWS are progress not this device. Devs being active releasing apps, and nothing to do or related with warez!.

Because at the end of the day, you can Insult me over here, you can bash every single word i say (or said), but like i said my concience is clean.

Next time instead of being disrespectful towards someone who is trying to *do something* look yourself at your virtual mirror, with the dongle in your hand.
And repeat the same old speech *SCENE IS DEAD*.
Well the bleeding binary code is it’s in your hands, not mine.



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