TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner v1.6 Released

November 22, 2012


JjKkYu has releaed a new update to his TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner applicaiton for Windows. The EBOOT Resigner allows you to resign 3.55 EBOOT.BIN files for use with the 4.21 custom firmwares. It aims at being an easy to use application compared to the same or similar tools that are already available. For example, the initial release removed the need to edit ‘.conf’ files and includes usage instructions, accessible within the application itself. Earlier this week, JjKkYu has released the v1.6 update to the TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner. Here’s a look at the changelog since we last covered it:


  • Add alternative option for 4.21 CFW.
  • Add instructions.
  • Hide scetool screen feedback.


  • Fix script logic error in option 3.


  • Support resign EBOOT compitable for all CFW.
  • Merge 3.55/3.41 option with 4.XX option.


  • Add supporting resign 4.25 EBOOT to 4.21 in 4.XX options.
  • Fix 4.25 EBOOT resign to 3.55/3.41/DEX.

You can grab the latest version of the TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner below and get back to stuffing your face with all that turkey.

Download: TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner v1.6

Source: PS3News

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