TrueAncestor SELF Resigner Updated to 1.81

December 12, 2012

New custom firmwares can be exciting things, but at the same time getting all of that content working again on a new environment can be just a little bit frustrating. The past, a lot of your PSN purchases and eboots were signed to run on older firmwares like 3.55, but as with any new environment updated security signatures must be made. When it comes to Sony’s main eboot packaging structure, few scripts are more popular than that of JjKkYu’s True Ancestor SELF resigner.

Since we’re only jumping from 1.80 to 1.81 not much change will be seen in this particular model, but they still might help with your compatibility quite a bit. With regards to options, turn on control flag switch is now seen as a default option, but it can be changed. In the same vein, “Auto-change control flags switch when 4.21+ alt switch” has been modified as well. With regards to bugs, the “resign NPDRM SELF / SPRX” option has now been restored to working order. Of course the app instructions have also been changed to reflect the update too. If you’ve been attached at the hip to this script’s past versions I highly suggest you download this much tighter and functional release.

Tags: eboots, PS3 Hacks, trueancestor

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