Trying to understand what E3 stated:

July 5, 2012

1: We are glad to claim that our E3 MOVE SUITE available now, it has 5 accessory include

They have being planning the release of the move suite since january i think =…-dual-booting/

E3 bluetooth earphone, E3 Navigation Controller, E3 motion controller, E3 Camera and camera stand.
The suggested retail price is only USD68. You can get from our official distributor and know more details from official web

They have to justify the cost of the product, so they include 4 products and one accessory (camera stand) Only for 68 u$s while you can get ony mod selling site the E3 Flasher NOR Clip Suit = for 30 u$s (not related but..)

2: A new game released free by E3TEAM again to congratuation E3 MOVE SUITE on market. Thanks all users whom
support us . The new game is Disney Universe BLUS30773, which not released by any other guy before. Please note
it is 1.01 update game directly.
download link is : (PASSWORD: e3movesuit)
please keep password if you transfer our file .

Again the same pattern in order to justify those 68 u$s the whole package cames with a *game* that no one released it before (good propaganda) with the patch included most probably = bad patched and has to be re-fixed again by someone in the board (hope not) the download link EVEN has a password in it..why protect something like this? if this kind of patch works will spread like a zombie infection all over the boards.

3: We notice lots of user care for our new usb dongle . We are still working hard on it, and here reveal some features:
It is easy upgrade, plug and update.
It will support all PS3 game, include all game’s update&DLC
It will work on New high CFW in the future .
It can only work game which modified by E3TEAM .
The most important is we need protect our work well, so we should try best make it un-crackable .

Pre-order stuff, so they release the E3 move suit in order to clean any possible competency on the field.
They *noticed* that most of the users (their words) are interested in the product, since when negative feeback is seen as something possitive?…
Then they proceed to state that they are STILL working on it.

1) Easy to update (not upgrade..i think some typo)
2) Will support all PS3 games, even Watchdogs.
3) Will work on 5.00 OFW
4) Will only work in products that were modified by them, so i some point that the ones that bought an E3 flasher MAYBE will get more *goodies*.

And least but not less important they state again that they are working to *secure* their creation. Giving the final user the sensation of security when is none.
So far, only modified by E3 files will work on the PS3 or that it’s what i get of the broken english part.

We need time to complete those function, and also will ajust our plan as per user requirement .

PS: we only released e3 card reader, e3 flasher and e3 move suite. All other dongle haven’t any relationship with E3TEAM !

They need to *secure* their own work, re-assure that works without so many problems. And some kind of possitive or good feedback with the ones who bought the product (situation that never happened when you bought an E3 flasher limited).

The P.S: it’s curious…
Since they say that are affiliated with E3 flasher, E3 card reader and E3 move suite..BUT the dongle it’s not product of their work..? how come?..

Or im the one who is way off side the track or i missed something.
Just trying to understand what they really meant to say.

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