[Tutorial] E3 Flasher: Fast Swap Dual Guide For All OFW/CFW

August 20, 2013

Joonie86 has released a guide to help those of you trying to Fast Dual Boot using a E3 “NOR” Flasher, here is that tutorial:

Hi this is Joonie. I’ve seen many people trying to do Fast Dual Boot by using E3 “NOR” Flasher.

But it seems lot of people can’t get their firmware booted perfectly on both PS3 Nor and E3 Nor. So I decide to make this nice tutorial to help people.

This guide was originally written in my language on the forum I administrate.

And please understand I may have lots of typo due to the reason my native language is not English.

This guide is a lot similar to what “pu6pu6″ wrote earlier when he introduced

3.55/4.21/4.30 dualboot with OFW 4.30/4.31 but it’s easier and more simple

and works with any version of CFW that has CoreOS Check disabled.

I’ve been on this forum since last year and learned a lot of information

So I’d like to say thanks a lot to the people who care about this forum!!!


1. PS3 that uses Nor flash chip [manufactured in October 07 – December 10]
2. E3 Nor Flasher Installation [I’d like to skip this part of tutorial since there’s so many in this forum]
3. E3 Flasher’s firmware update [10-27 , 2010] *Highly recommended*
4. Two Hard drives which include one for OFW and another for CFW.
5. Custom Firmware files that [CoreOS Hash check disabled] 
6. Latest Official Firmware Files [if you you older version there’s no point of doing this… lol]

Let me explain what firmware you could choose to install for dual boot and why.
I mentioned that you need the CFW that has CoreOS Hash check disabled
the reason why you need this is because Final setup will take place on
PS3 Nor flashchip with OFW installation, and once you install OFW your syscon will recognize your firmware as 4.46 [which is current latest official firmware build] but if you installed any CFW that CoreOS hash check disabled
on E3 Nor flash chip it won’t give you any trouble because on E3 Nor flash
it will skip the hash check and just boot fine but you need to follow this
tutorial to the end because although it skips checking your CFW won’t boot without this method so please read through although you understand everything that I mentioned so far.

Dual boot-able recommended custom firmware

Rebug’s 3.55.4 REX / 4.21.2 REX / 4.30.2 REX / 4.41.3 REX/LITE / 4.46.1 REX/LITE

Rogero’s 3.55 v3.7a / 4.21 v2.00 / 4.30 v2.05 / 4.40 1.03 / 4.41 1.00 / 4.46 1.01

Habib’s 4.46 1.00-2.05

as a reminder Rogero’s 4.21 v2.00 doesn’t have Install Package Files integrated so I wouldn’t recommend to use it unless you pre-install IPF “pkg” on that CFW hard drive before you update to Rogero’s 4.21 v2.00

Explanation of switches on TF Cover board.

OB FLASH = On board Flash which mean “Spansion” Nor chip on E3 Flasher.
PS3 FLASH = Nor chip on PS3 motherboard

1 :
PS3 MODE = Normal PS3 Boot mode
FLASH FUN = Halt PS3 Boot mode [mostly used for unbrick]
2 :
CFW : PS3 Boots from E3 NOR
OFW : PS3 Boots from PS3 NOR

3rd , 4th and 5th switches determent where you flash your nor dump from and to so these allow your flashing location

for ex) SD card to PS3 Nor or E3 Nor, PS3 Nor to E3 Nor and vice versa, etc.

3 : Choice of either back up or Flashing

4 : Choice of location of your nor flash dump
OB FLASH : E3 Nor Chip
MicroSD [bkpps3.bin or bkpe3.bin files]

5 : Choice of location where you want to flash to
PS3 Nor Flash
OB Flash

6 : Always “LOCK”

Dual boot Installation

First of all you need to install the custom firmware of your choice “TWICE”

the reason why you do this is because you want your console to be de-hashed by installing the same firmware version “TWICE”

so that way your NOR flash would have the same firmware CoreOS version
on both ROS0/ROS1.

This is “VERY” Important and whole point of this dual boot thing.

So once you install the same CFW twice on PS3 Nor. you’re good to go

With this switch setting, your PS3 boots fine go ahead and

back up your NOR flash dump by

Switch : 001000

this switch, after it’s finished your microSD card will have bkpps3.bin file.

after the validation of this dump, rename your bkpps3.bin file to bkpe3.bin

In order to flash the dump file to OB Flash. you can also directly copy your

PS3 Nor Flash directly to the E3 Nor Flash, but I’ll explain later.

Switch : 000010

With this switch setting, you will be able to flash your E3 NOR Flash from

the file that you just renamed to “bkpe3.bin” that’s in the microSD Card.

After it’s finished, turn off your PS3 and change the switch setting like this

See if it still boots fine with this switch setting, I think it should 

and then turn off your ps3 and change the hdd drive that you want to

install your OFW and put all the switch down just like you boot your PS3 in normal mode.

as soon as you turn on your PS3, it will ask you to “Plug your controller and press home button”

and install your OFW 4.46.

I’d recommend install it “Twice” again here, because your ROS1 will still have your previous CFW’s core os files on PS3 Nor Flash.

After the installation of OFW twice, your PS3 will be able to boot on both PS3 Nor and E3 Nor with two HDDs.

this is the video I made when there was a new OFW 4.45 update came out although it caused a brick issue, at this time I was able to do OFW 4.45 and REBUG 4.30.2 Rex with CEX/DEX LV2 Kernal Swap.

Special thanks to pu6pu6 and many scene developers and moderators on this forum! There’s lot to learn from this forum and I love this forum too much !!

Please PM me to ask questions if you have any issue with this method.

I’ve done OFW 4.46 with Rebug’s 3.55/4.21/4.30/4.41/4.46 with 0 problem.

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