[Tutorial] How To Edit PS3 Epilepsy Warning On CFW

April 5, 2013

If you have updated your CFW PS3 to a 4.xx CFW you will notice that Sony have added a stupid annoying warning screen, telling you how you could suffer from an epilepsy attack if you use your console for prolonged amounts of time, now anyone with a brain already knows this and this screen is pointless.
Now thanks to Mistawes you can change the text in that screen to something of your choosing, here is how:

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So it really bugs me to see this every time I boot up or reboot, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

So, to edit it yourself, do the following:

Download RCOmage and extract somewhere suitable on your PC.

Now, while running your PS3, go into Multiman and enable dev_blind (4th last item in settings).

Go to file manager or FTP into dev_blind/vsh/resource and copy sysconf_plugin.rco to USB/PC.

Open the .rco in RCOmage where it says “RCO input” by selecting browse..

Set the output name to whatever you want, save as .xml and untick every box, other than “Seperate resource types” and “Decode VSMX scripts”.

Now hit dump, and wait for it to finish. Then go to the folder you extracted to, into the “Text” folder and open “English.xml” – Or whatever language you use..
NOTE: I use Notepad++ : LINK and make sure encoding says UTF-8, but MS Notepad might work, but turn off “word wrap”.

Search for “health” and edit the two lines containing the warning you see at boot, to whatever you want, or leave it blank!

Now, you are free to edit other things here, but be VERY careful as it’s so easy to softbrick! Then save the .xml file.

Now, back to RCOmage, click the “compile” tab and select the “output xml” file from the beginning and select where to output your modded RCO file (make sure to name it correctly – sysconf_plugin.rco). Then tick the “zlib” button beside “Header Compression”, nothing else should be selected then hit “Compile”.

Then, copy that back to dev_blind/vsh/resource and overwrite the original. Then restart your PS3 and check to see your new message!

If it freezes or won’t load, go into recovery and re-install the exact same CFW. Otherwise (if it errors when re-installing) install Rebug 999 downgrader and dehash, then back upto 4.XX.


Thanks to –==IcEmAn==– for the method, thanks to Haxxxen for the tip and ZiNgA BuRgA for RCOmage

Here is a video from harryoke:

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