[Tutorial] How To Mod/Hack Dark Souls – No CFW Required

August 24, 2013

Annelies has posted a very helpful guide on modding Dark Souls for cheating purposes, here is a quote from his thread:

I do not condone cheating in online video games. This is strictly for educational purposes.


  • PS3 System
  • PC
  • USB Storage Device (FAT32)
  • Dark Souls Video Game

Start by downloading this software:

Let’s Begin:

1. Extract the Dark Souls Mega Mule save file corresponding with your version of the game to your Desktop.

2. Open Bruteforce Save Data and have it target the folder containing your Dark Souls Mega Mule save files.

3. Select Decrypt PFD and then choose Decrypt All Files.

4. Go into the Mega Mule folder and move the file called 01USER.DAT to your Desktop.

5. Open Modio and then choose Browse. Find your 360 save and open it.

6. Click Advanced and then Edit Package Contents.

7. Go back to your Desktop and find 01USER.DAT and rename it to USER_DATA01.

8. Drag & drop it into the Modio window containing the 360 save file contents. Overwrite and replace the existing file.

9. Click Done and Save Changes.

Here’s the Fun Part:

1. Click on Dark Souls Remake.exe and open your 360 save file.

2. Choose USER_DATA01. The character’s name should be o Bandit.

3. Edit WHATEVER YOU WANT except Enable All Warp Bondfires, Unlock All Gestures and Killed Bosses because those are already in the save file and you don’t want to cause any problems, do you?

4. When you’re done click Save All and close the program.

Let’s End This:

1. Open the 360 save file again using Modio.

2. Click Advanced and then Edit Package Contents again.

3. Right click on USER_DATA01 and click Save As and save it to your Desktop.

4. Rename that file back to 01USER.DAT and put it back into your Mega Mule save folder.

5. Go back to Bruteforce Save Data and click on Update PFD and then choose Update PFD (Partial).

You are now ready to copy the save file to your PlayStation 3 system and play the game. In order to do this you must:

1. Plug your USB Storage Device into the PC.

2. Create a new folder on the device called PS3.

3. Create a new folder called SAVEDATA inside of the newly created PS3 folder.

4. Move the folder containing your modded save into the SAVEDATA folder. (BLUS30782DRAKS005 for exmaple)

5. Plug the USB device into your PS3 and copy the save over.

6. Play the game and choose o Bandit – if you renamed the character, it will still say o Bandit the first time you load the game but your new name will appear shortly.


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