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August 19, 2013

Rautz has released a tutorial to help those of you using PSNope, here it is:

 photo psnope_zpscf0e5543.gif

Here’s a little usage guide I wrote for someone else this morning that I may as well post up for anyone else that is still having problems. Its a rough guide but it should get you on track.


A PS3 file manager of your choice
PS3Nope pkg.

How to use

After installing PSNope you want to open a file manager and check which of your PS3 accounts has act.dat.

You can do so by going to /dev_hdd0/home/000000xx and opening the exdata folder. After finding an account with act.dat make note of which number it uses eg /dev_hdd0/home/00000008

If none of your accounts have act.dat you’ll need to go to the store and grab an EA game online pass, since they are now free. If you are getting errors stopping you from downloading then try creating a new user on the PS3 and sign in on that user. There are probably other safer ways to create act.dat I just dont know them.

On your computer open up the config.txt file and edit it according to how you wish to use PSNope:

Click here to see full text

If you have a look at the config.txt you can see that I’ve chosen to have raps associated with 00000015 highlighted in blue, this was the only account at this PS3 that had been activated(act.dat in the exdata folder).

Spoof the idps

If you like playing online and using tools that spoof your console id and PSID then you you’ll want to be enabling the option I have highlighted inmagenta.

Enable = 1
Disable = 0

At the moment this option doesnt act as some sort of PSN ban workaround like some people think it does, it is an option so that if you choose to use a tool that spoofs, idps, PSID, and mac address like SEN Enabler then your games wont break compatibility(since PSNope relies on idps to decrypt rap files). Enabling this option before activating this content will allow you to use SEN Enabler whilst still enjoying the PSN games. Note that you will need to use the same spoofed idps for both tools. A future version seems to be on the cards to allow PSID spoofing so this will be a proper all in one tool in that respect.

Activating the content

If you’ve used ReactPSN before your find this part unnecessary since it is the same procedure(apart from your folders used on the usb.

On your usb your rap files go into this path I highlight in green in the config example.
dev_usb000= the right most usb port.

Install the game packages onto your PS3

Once your raps are in the right folder and flash drive is in the correct port, run the app. It will black screen for a sec or two(I only activated 5 raps, I’m not sure how long a pirates folder would take to activate) and return to XMB without rebooting.

Your games should be ready to play now.

Tested working with:

Metal Slug
Crazy Taxi
Alpha Mission 2
Capcom vs SNK 2(PS2 Classic)
Some UC3 DLC

Thanks @u$er for releasing this nifty tool.


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