Tutorial: Restoring a PS3 Game Save

May 16, 2013

PS3 Developer Jay-Jay over @ PSX-Scene.com has done some research on corrupted PS3 Game Saves. Then he managed to get a corrupted PS3 Save Game working again. Jay-Jay has written a very easy to follow Tutorial on the process it takes to restore those corrupted Save Game Files that no doubt caused many of us headaches over the lifespan of our PS3 systems. The corruption of the file usually will occur when the PS3 and/or Game freezes. Then on restart you see the corrupted save file and all your progress on that title is lost. Well thanks to Jay-Jay’s efforts that may be a thing of the past.


I’d like to share a method that I recently experimented with and to my surprise it worked. I was able to restore a gamesave that was showing “corrupt”.

I was playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, and while it was doing a gamesave, the PS3 froze on me. (This game is known to have bugs.) So after I had to hard reset my PS3, I saw that the gamesave for my profile was showing corrupted and when I tried launching the game, it wanted me to start from scratch with creating a golf player and etc. — I definitely didn’t want to do that, and though I googled to see if there was any archives methods in fixing this, I didn’t find any. Perhaps this can help many out there with their jailbroken PS3s.

Of course I did not want to restart again with my profile and my trophies and etc. I was really happy with my set of golf clubs that it took me a long time to collect by winning XP. I was quite ahead with the game after playing with it for a month or so (I play it everyday). So I had to figure out how I could crack the corrupted gamesave issue. Which to my surprise I was able to. I don’t know if I got lucky or what? But I was a very happy camper after, and I didn’t have to worry if this happens again, because I figured out that I can still use the corrupted game save to fix the issue each and every time.

Please let us know if my method works for you. This is my first time experiencing a gamesave corrupt issue on my PS3. Not bad huh? Having the problem for the first time, and being able to repair the corrupt gamesave file all at once!

View Tutorial: Here

Tutorial Link: Here 

News Source: PSX-Scene

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