Tutorial – Rogero CFW 4.21 On PSN

October 25, 2012

A member over at psx-scene, Elle, has released a tutorial for those wanting PSN access. This method requires an application called Logan5’s Tool and is, at the moment, only tested on Windows 7.


Here are the instructions courtesy of psx-scene’s Elle:

  1. Unzip the LG5Tool
  2. Put the mswinsck.ocx file into the following folder: C:WindowsSysWOW64
  3. Then go to RUN>>CMD (Vista & 7 Users run as administrator)
  4. Copy and Paste the following: cd C:WindowsSysWOW64 THEN PRESS ENTER
  5. Copy and Paste the following: regsvr32 mswinsck.ocx
  6. You should see the following message saying: “DllRegisterServer In mswinsck.ocx succeeded”
  7. Now you can run the LG5Tool so double click on it (Vista & 7 Users run as administrator)
  8. When it loads make sure you tick the box where it says: “firmware update” & Click Start Proxy
  9. On the LG5Tool you will see the word “Your IP” & after you click Start proxy a ip address will by DownloadNSave”>appear next to “Your Ip” make a note of it as you will be needing this on the next step below
  10. Go to your playstation 3, Go to Network settings >> Internet by DownloadNSave”>Connection Settings >> Choose which connection your using Wired or Wireless (For this example i’ll be choosing Wireless) >> Enter Manually >> then put your details in >> When your on ip address setting choose automatic >> then when you come to following opetions do the following >> Set the DCHP host name = DO NOT SET >> DNS Setting = AUTOMATIC >> MTU = AUTOMATIC >> Proxy Server = Use >> Then it will ask you to input a address, here you will input the ip address which you saw on the LG5Tool (Some may say, some maybe different), Port number is: 8080 after doing that scroll across >> UPnP = Enable >> Then you will see press the X button to save settings click X >> Test connection and When you test the connection the first 2 Ip address & internet connection should say successful. DO NOT SIGN IN TO PSN YET!! Then (and this part is really important guys) On the LG5Tool UNTICK where it says Firmware update >> After its unticked then you can go to sign in on PSN, If you dont untick it you might have a error on your Playstation and if you do then you have not unticked firmware version!!

Download: LG5Tool

Source: psx-scene

Tags: cfw 4.21 psn bypass tool, psn bypass for rogero cfw, psn on custom firmware

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