[Tutorial] Use PS3 Controller On PC With Unsupported Bluetooth 3.0+ Adapter

March 21, 2013

The guides and tutorials are flowing on PS3HaX this weeks, this one is from Developer SvenGDK , here it is:

Hi everyone,
I just bought a new Bluetooth Adapter 3.0 and was working about 1 hour to get my controller working via bluetooth because Motioninjoy doesn’t support it…

The thing is that many 3.0 & 4.0 adapters are unsupported with Motioninjoy.

If you have the same issue then here’s a possible solution:

– First make sure you have ALL old drivers completely REMOVED!
– Insert your Bluetooth Adapter and install it with the original bluetooth software
– After the installation you need to get the MAC address from your bluetooth adapter (Bluetooth settings -> Hardware)
– Install the Sixaxis Pair Tool (DOWNLOAD HERE)
– Plug in your PS3 Controller
– After the installation start the Sixaxis Pair Tool and plugin your PS3 controller (It will install a driver to change the MAC address)
– After the driver installation enter your bluetooth adapter MAC address (with “:”) and click UPDATE!
– Close Sixaxis Pair Tool
– If you have done this then go to your bluetooth suite and add a bluetooth device, make sure you push the PS button when searching! continue without pair codes etc. … (Don’t be irritated by the non stop flashing of the controller)
– Now install Motioninjoy (DOWNLOAD HERE)
– Do not start it after installation!
– Re-plugin your PS3 Controller
– Start Motioninjoy and INSTALL ONLY the PS3 Controller (via Load Driver)
– The bluetooth adapter driver will now also be overwritten but it will work.

If you have followed these steps then you should be able to have a working bluetooth connection with your PS3 controller.

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