Two PS3 laptops By Tobbi

March 20, 2013

I like laptop versions of game consoles, it gives them the portability that many people need, i enjoyed Ben Heck and Pirates early versions and i dont really know how i missed these two gems by member Tobbi.

The first one was released back on 19th of November 2012, here is a video:
Here are some specifications:
The Hardware

  • PS3 320GB 2504B
  • 19 “720p monitor (DVI-HDMI)
  • 2000 GB HDD (switchable)
  • 3D HDMI Splitter
  • 2x 2 Watt sound (analog adjustable)
  • keyboard

The Software

The second one was released on 26th January 2013:
Here are some specifications:

  • PS3 320GB 2504B
  • 22 “1080p monitor (DVI-HDMI)
  • 2 TB HDD (switchable)
  • 4x 3 watts of sound (analog adjustable)
  • 3x external USB
  • 1x USB internal
  • Storage times suitable for 2 controllers, power, and USB cable


  • Rebug 4.21.2
  • PS1 boot sound


As a bonus, here is an even older one by Ben Heck, it was released 4th February 2011, it is a Ruggedized PlayStation 3, for use in Afghanistan:

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