Unban yourself seems cool idea (SIC): You think about other users?.

January 20, 2013

Many CFW users create threads per day asking the same old question: *Can i unban my PS3?* when they got console ID ban hammered.
Answer is crystal clear = Yes. If you do your *homework* and know what you are doing, you can get on PSN again.

What’s the problem about Unban my console?:

For you and for the sake of your PS3 = NONE.
Problem is that in the process of Unban your PS3, you use other people console IDs. Common sense dictates that in some point you are *stealing* some other people stuff. If that console ID that you *fetched* get’s banned, sadly you are not the only one affected. Original owner of that console ID is affected as well. Picture if that user was on OFW? how would you feel if you get banned while playing your retail games because you console ID *fell into wrong hands*.

It’s Ethical or Unethical?:

Depends on your point of view on this matter.
For me is Unethical for several reasons:

1) You are using another user console ID to get online again.
2) Even if you don’t cheat, you are on CFW that means that if you got banned again you will get another console ID from another user.
3) Each console ID you fetch and get’s banned goes to a *blacklist* so the guy who got screwed because you wanted so much to get online again, can’t do anything about it.
4) Each console ID is different so you can keep on trying.

Then why frontpage Unban tools?:

Because we still believe that people use this with certain discretion, knowing what happens next.
Also it’s a release and we can’t just IGNORE it.
Someone with common sense will not use it because he/she knows that it’s messing with *innocent* console ID’s.

COBRA’s ODE new device will have SEN feature:

Meaning that you can pretty much you can do the same, we can’t control or say to someone what to do or don’t. You can agree or disagree with what’s happening but that won’t stop *selfish* users from using certain tools or change his/her view about all of this because many only want benefits and it’s understandable.

So if you can and you care about the others take this in consideration:

  • Everytime you use a console ID that’s not yours. Someone get’s banned because you are using *other user* console ID.
  • Use those tools with discretion and some quote of responsability due to recent events, as you can see even OFW’S are getting banned.
  • Think about the consequences. Yes you can get to PSN again but someone can get screwed because of your reckless attitude.
  • Think also if you like the idea of someone else doing the same to you.

I got console banned and i don’t use cheats:

What to do in that situation is up to you. If you got console ID banned better stay that way.
Now if you feel that you were banned with no reason at all and you didn’t use cheats, do what you want to do but bare in mind that someone else will got screwed.
If you don’t care about your fellow users on a community or you don’t give a damn. Go ahead and do it use the resources we have to achieve your goal.

Final words:

This issue won’t end so easy, we have many tools to explore our PS3′s. We have daily/weekly releases. We had and have so many releases that are like a double edged sword.
Problem is on all of this = End user.
Yes, many of them are tempting for use but first you have to know how to use them and what you wish to achieve with that tool.

Unban yourself? think twice before about doing that.

As i always say = Divide and Conquer.



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