Unity 3d- Engines Unite!

March 17, 2013

I’m sorry for the title, it was the best I could come up with.

This article comes from a message I was sent by dragonxtamer596, and also thank you to everyone else who suggested for this to be written on.

Unity / Unity3D is a game engine developed by gaming company known as ‘Unity Technologies’. They have done many things, so let’s see what they’ve done shall we?

The Unity engine is used on many platforms. The engine is used by developers everywhere to produce games on near enough everything, from PS3 to iOS and from Ps Vita to the web.

This engine may not be as widely used like the Unreal Engine or Havok Physics (for consoles anyway) but is still as popular. Upon researching it, I noticed that it hasnt bee used for real console games like Uncharted / Gears Of War (or New Super Mario Bros for you Wii U dwellers) , but instead mobile games, but this doesn’t change its quality atall.

It has some truly great games under it’s belt for example:
Bad Piggies
Escape Plan
Dead Trigger
Death Inc.

Like I said, it’s known because of its popularity among unknown deveopers and mobile platforms. If you don’t believe me, in a Gamasutra survey, 50% of mobile developers are using the Unity engine, 37% using a custom egine while17% using Cocos 2d, 5% usong Marmalade and ampther 5% using Corona. (The survey report said the survey wasn’t exclusive, which is why the survey result is greater than 100%)

I personally have not tampered with the Unity engine, being a total noob at programming, well in C++ I know ‘>>’ is used alot, but thats about it.
I have definitly played a Unity game though, I bet you have too, you just haven’t realised.

Heres a couple of Unity powered games, although they are on iOS and Android they are still console quality. I have played Shadowgun and I highly suggest you buy it.

Madfinger games FTW

Although it is virtually impossible to name every game running Unity, Unity Tech. have compiled a list of what games they power HERE

keep coming up with ideas for articles! but remember, it’s not just about engines! Just something that has impacted the games industry alot. :D

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