Universal Media Server 1.21 Is Out, So Get It!

July 2, 2012

Packing in the updates, Subjunk has released the next version of his Universal Media Server media streaming application. If you’re looking to keep your console’s hard drive relatively clear but still want to have access to your media, UMS may be the solution.

Just a few days ago, Subjunk updated his UMS application to version 1.20, which has a good set of changes. If you’re just picking that up, you’re going have to trash it as version 1.21 is out, with even more changes. Check out the changelog:

  • General:
    • Improved video buffer stability
    • The default versions of UMS.conf and WEB.conf are now put in ProgramData on Windows (thanks to vulcan for reporting this bug)
    • Updated UMS.conf
    • Updated renderer.conf creation instructions
    • Fixed AviSynth/FFmpeg crash
    • Improved AviSynth/FFmpeg engine code
    • Enabled convertfps by default
    • Made the AviSynth script instructions separate to the input box
    • Minor design improvements to the Transcoding tab
    • Made True Motion smoother
    • Assorted bugfixes
  • Languages:
    • Updated Catalan
    • Updated English

You can grab the latest version of Universal Media Server from the official project page below.

Download: Universal Media Server v1.21

Source: UMS

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