Universal Media Server 1.6.0 Released

October 9, 2012

SubJunk and the rest of developers who are working on the Universal Media Server project has a new release ready for the public. For those who have chosen to use Universal Media Server has their choice of media streaming application for your various consoles and devices, then you have some updating to do. The notable change with this version is that the bug affecting the audio on episode recaps has been fixed, DTS support has been added to the FFmpeg engine and UPC Horizon support has been added. Check out the changelog below:

  • General:
    • MEncoder and tsMuxeR no longer produce stretched audio with some videos
    • Improved handling of initialization errors
    • Updated h2 database to 1.3.168 (thanks, valib!)
    • Changed audio/subtitle defaults to accept anything
    • We no longer display language options in the transcode folder for engines that don’t accept them
    • Renamed the FFmpeg/AviSynth engine to AviSynth/FFmpeg
    • The AviSynth/FFmpeg engine works again
  • FFmpeg:
    • Added DTS output support
    • Video quality settings fixed
    • Now respects the “remux AC-3” setting instead of always remuxing AC-3
  • Renderers:
    • Added support for Samsung SMT-G7400 (UPC Horizon)
  • Languages:
    • Made English language settings more accurate
    • Updated Chinese Traditional translation (thanks, mcc!)

What a juicy update. You can grab your copy of Universal Media Server below. As always, it is recommended that you delete your ‘UMS.conf’ file if upgrading from a version earlier than 1.5.0. On top of that, you should uninstall the previous version prior to installing this one.

Download: Universal Media Server 1.6.0 ( Windows | Linux | OSX )

Source: UMS

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