Universal Media Server 2.2.3 Released

January 8, 2013

SubJunk and co. has been working to put together the first release of Universal Media Server for the new year. If you’ve been following the development, Universal Media Server v2.2.2 has been released bringing in improvements, bugfixes and updates to key components. It’s time to update, if you use this as your choice of media streaming between your PC and the compatible encoders that you may have, such as a PS3 or Xbox 360. That’s if you’re using the Linux or OSX version. Let’s take a look at the changelog:

  • General:
    • Improved support of many files, especially on non-PS3 renderers
    • Fixed AVI support on Panasonic TVs
    • Cleaned up the “serving” text at the bottom of the program
    • Fixed conditional horizontal scrollbar
    • More accurately determine which formats tsMuxeR supports
  • External Components:
    • Updated InterFrame to 2.3.0, which:
      • Increased speed
      • Improved quality in high-action scenes
      • Optimised memory use
      • Supports more video cards
    • Updated MPlayer/MEncoder to SB47, which:
      • Disabled direct rendering for non-ref frames only again
      • Fixes a bug which detected transport streams as finished when they weren’t

If you are a Windows user, then version 2.2.3 has been released specifically for you guys. This release fixes playback bugs that were introduced in version 2.2.2:

  • General:

    • Temporarily rolled back MPlayer/MEncoder for Windows to SB42 to fix playback bugs

You can download the version of Universal Media Server below. As always, if coming from version


Download: Universal Media Server 2.2.2/2.2.3 ( Windows | Linux | OSX – Coming Soon )


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