Universal Media Server Gets The Hot Step to 1.5.2

October 4, 2012

Version 1.5.2 features a few changes since its last update. SubJunk describes this as a great update for FFmpeg users as it is the first release to feature a stable version of the rendering engine. Take a look at the chanelog:

  • General:
    • Temporarily rolled back MPlayer/MEncoder to SB37, which fixes DVD support
    • Updated FFmpeg to SB2, which fixes seeking bugs
  • Plugin Installer:
    • Added Description column
    • Added “run as administrator” reminder for Windows 7 and Vista users
    • Installation progress window is centered
    • Disabled manual row-editing
    • Customised the column widths so all text is visible
  • Languages:
    • Removed deprecated part of Russian translation

As always it is recommended that you delete your ‘UMS.conf’ file and uninstall the previous version prior to installing this one. You don’t have to, you can always take your chances. You can download Universal Media Server for your platform(s) of choice below.

Download: Universal Media Server ( Windows | OSX | Linux )

Source: Universal Media Server

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