Universal Media Server Update. 2.6.3 Released

May 3, 2013

The feature packed and constantly improving Universal Media Server media streaming app has received yet another update. For those who haven’t heard of this app yet, Universal Media Server allows you to stream music, photos and music from your computer to a compatible device such as a PS3, Xbox 360, TVs and even smartphones. The team has pushed out a small update which improves the rendering of content as well as AAC/M4A support. Here is the full list of changes from version 2.6.2

  • General:
    • Improved detection of renderers
    • Improved AAC/M4A support
  • External Components:
    • Updated Apache commons-lang to 3.1
    • Updated thumbnailator to 0.4.3


ou can download the latest version of Universal Media Server 2.6.3 below. As usual, it is recommended that you delete the ‘UMS.conf’ file (or use the clean install option) when upgrading from a previous version of Universal Media Server.

Download: Universal Media Server 2.6.3 [Windows | Linux | OSX]

Source: Universal Media Server Forums

Tags: media streaming, PlayStation 3, PS3, subjunk, ums, universal media server

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