Universal Media Server Updated to v2.2.5 Out Now

January 17, 2013

Physical media can be great for a few things these days, but it’s not as awesome as it could be. Other than maybe having a flash drive or a big external hard drive to house all of your files, in today’s word we have very little need for that sort of thing unless you rely on performance over functionality. Ever since Netflix launched its instant video service almost a decade ago, the world has been fascinated by the concept of streaming. After all, it allows us to keep all of those hard drives and flash drives in one place while we get the media we want.

While there are several different apps that can be used to stream different media types to your Sony console, historically one of the most complete choices happens to be Universal Media Server. Pretty much any file you can imagine can be brought over your home network as long as you have the bandwidth to support the transfer itself. In this new version 2.2.5, fixes have been made to the transcoding and basic streaming functions. In addition, the video and server settings menus have now been merged and security holes have been patched within Java. It’s a small update for sure, but as usual, UMS remains equally functional. A OSX build is not out at the time of writing, but it should be soon!


Tags: PS3 Hacks, Streaming, ums, universal media server

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