Universal Media Server v2.1.1 Released

November 27, 2012

Over the weekend, Universal Media Server v2.1 and v2.1.1 was released. Version 2.1.0 contained a load of features coming from 2.0. Version 2.1.1 was quickly released two days later to address a couple bugs. Let’s take a look at each:

Version 2.1

This version added support for the Sony Bravia EX620 TV, improves support for 3D videos and speeds up transcoding:

  • General:
    • Enabled HiDPI for retina displays
    • Fixed a bug that prevented showing Galaxy Nexus pictures
    • Allow plugins more freedom on install
    • Logging improvements
    • Stop Windows Media Player from being detected because it has never been supported
    • Language clarifications
    • Updated Dutch Traditional translation (thanks, leroy!)
    • Added support for all 3D SBS videos
    • Fixed blocky video with some files
    • Fixed bug where the program would not start without an internet connection
    • Checks for VSFilter (AviSynth subtitles plugin) in K-Lite Codec Pack
    • Fixed crash when scanning some MP3 files with large cover images on Linux (#22)
    • Added support for external subtitles with the AviSynth/MEncoder engine
    • Stopped virtual folder names being cut off after periods
    • Fixed several rare crashes
    • Renamed the Traces tab to Logs
    • Made text and buttons on the Logs page more readable
  • Plugin Management:
    • Fixed and improved credentials management
    • Improved Plugin Management tab design
    • Buggy plugins no longer logspam
  • Renderers:
    • Added support for Sony Bravia EX620 TVs (thanks, morisato!)
  • External components:
    • Updated H2 Database Engine to 1.3.169, which:
      • Makes library scanning faster
    • Updated InterFrame to 2.2.0, which:
      • Has less artifacts in the interpolated frames
    • Rolled back MediaInfo on OS X to 0.7.58, which:
      • Fixes a bug that caused all videos to be transcoded instead of streamed
    • Updated MPlayer/MEncoder to SB43, which:
      • Runs faster
      • Crashes less
      • Leaks memory less
      • Detects framerates more accurately
      • Improves audio sync

Version 2.1.1

  • General:

    • Fixed a bug preventing UMS from starting
    • Improved Plugin Management page design
    • Minor language update

You can update to the latest version of Universal Media Server for your operating system below.

Download: Universal Media Server v2.1.1

Source: Universal Media Server

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