Universal Media Server v2.3 Released!

January 29, 2013

Another update is out for your favorite media server, this latest update brings various enhancements to the MKV/MP4 playback. It also brings various other speed/bug fixes.

To quote:

  • General:

    • FFmpeg supports audio selection
    • Improved MKV/MP4 support on PS3
    • Fixed rare bug where files stop half way through
    • Support streaming mp4 to WD TV Live
    • Added initial support for Vizio Smart TVs
    • Fixed playback on unknown renderers
    • Fixed several FFmpeg-related bugs
    • Improved support for videos whose containers change aspect ratios
    • Tried to fix headless mode detection on Ubuntu
    • Fixed various bugs
  • External Components:
    • Updated FFmpeg for Windows to SB5, which:

      • Improves AC-3 audio buffering
      • Fixes memory leaks
      • Fixes a bug which detected transport streams as finished when they weren’t
      • Improved MPEG-PS encoding
      • Made error codes more meaningful
      • Improves Matroska (MKV) support
      • Improves threading
      • Optimized AC-3 decoding
  • Updated InterFrame to 2.4.0, which:
    • Improves scene-change detection

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