Universal Media Server v3.0.0-a4 Released

September 3, 2013

Latest version of UMS is out, with various improvements and bugfixes such as iTunes support, subtitles fixes, time out errors and more.

About: Universal Media Server Version 3.0.0-a4

Upgrade Notes:

For all versions:
Some configuration options for 3.x are not compatible with the 2.x releases, and a lot of them were renamed between 3.0.0-a1 and 3.0.0-a2, so it may be wise to make a backup of your configuration before installing.

It is recommended (but usually not necessary) to delete your UMS.conf file prior to installing this version. Windows users can choose the “clean install” option while installing instead.

Changelog: Version 3.0.0-a4


  • Improved support for iTunes compilations
  • Added support for external subtitles in VLC
  • Expanded and fixed filename prettifying
  • Made video playback more stable
  • Fixed support for non-English iTunes libraries
  • Fixed external ASS/SSA support (Thanks, skeptical!)
  • Fixed FFmpeg muxing on non-PS3 renderers
  • Fixed use of custom Java Heapsize (Thanks, OptimusPrime!)
  • Fixed VLC audio/subtitle language selection
  • Fixed streaming radio timing out after 1:45:32
  • Fixed MEncoder subtitle support when the font name contains a space
  • Run the program in Java’s server mode when using 64-bit JRE


  • Added support for Bravia W series TVs
  • Improved support for KalemSoft Media Player on BlackBerry PlayBook


  • Updated French translation
  • Updated Spanish translation (thanks, AlfredoRamos!)

External Components:

  • Updated Apache Commons Codec to 1.8
  • Updated Checkstyle to 2.10
  • Updated Cobertura Maven Plugin to 2.5.2
  • Updated FindBugs Maven Plugin to 2.5.2
  • Updated Gson to 2.2.4
  • Updated H2 Database Engine to 1.3.172
  • Updated JBoss APIviz to 1.3.2
  • Updated jgoodies-forms to 1.6.0
  • Updated jgoodies-looks to 2.5.2
  • Updated JUnit to 4.11
  • Updated Logback to 1.0.13
  • Updated Maven Project Info Reports to 2.7
  • Updated Maven Source Plugin to 2.2.1
  • Updated Maven Surefire to 2.15
  • Updated PMD Maven Plugin to 3.0.1
  • Updated slf4j to 1.7.5
  • Updated Thumbnailator to 0.4.5, which:
  • Fixes use of Exif orientation
  • Updated xmlwise to 1.2.11

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