Universal Media Server v3.4 Released

February 10, 2014

Another update is out to the popular PS3 media server. This new update brings 3D MKV support, various codec updates/support, bug fixes, speed enhancements and more!

Universal Media Sever v3.4.0

You can download it from UniversalMediaServer.com or find the links below.

This release adds encoded audio passthrough, improves 3D support, adds support for the Google VP9 codec, improves support for most popular codecs, improves speed and more!

Changes since 3.3.0:

Added “Encoded Audio Passthrough” option for DTS and AC-3 audio
Added support for 3D MKV files (mk3d)
Made font cache creation over 50% faster on Windows
Font cache creation is done in the background
Expanded filename prettifying
Clicking “Check for updates” tells you when there are no updates
Image thumbnails are generated faster
Fixed FLAC support on some players
Removed broken entry from WEB.conf
Minor English language improvements

Improved support for the Vizio renderer

External Components:
Updated Commons Codec to 1.9
Updated Commons Configuration to 1.10
Updated FFmpeg to builds from 2014-01-05+, which:
Adds support for reading and setting stereoscopic (3D) metadata for MPEG-2, H.264 and H.265 streams
Improves AV sync, especially when outputting MPEG-TS
Improves support for the following audio codecs: AC-3, DTS
Improves support for the following video codecs: VP9, H.264, H.265
Improves AviSynth support
Improves Matroska support

Updated InterFrame to 2.5.1, which:
Improves quality
Improves GPU support
Fixes bugs

Updated JGoodies Forms to 1.7.2
Updated JGoodies Looks to 2.5.3
Updated JNA to 4.0.0, which:
Fixes bugs

Updated MPlayer/MEncoder for Windows to SB55, which:
Adds Google VP9 support
Improves support for some DVDs
Speed improvements
Fixes memory leaks
Fixes a fontconfig bug
Improves support for the following containers: AVI, Matroska, MPEG-TS
Improves support for the following video codecs: H.264, H.265, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VC-1, VP8
Improves support for the following audio codecs: AAC, AC-3
Improves detection of 60FPS

Updated MediaInfo for Windows to 0.7.67, which:
Fixes bugs

Updated Netty to 3.9.0, which:
Improves speed
Fixes bugs

Updated Thumbnailator to 0.4.7


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