(Update) Iris Manager v2.86 PS3 Backup Game Manager by Estwald

February 9, 2014

The developer Estwald continues to support for Iris backup manager  that is becoming increasingly packed with new features.

Further improved the graphics for the GUI interface, selectable from the item “Change current GUI”.

  • GUI0 – Iris Manager Classic (no cover). Remember to change the color to choose with or without a blinking cursor.
  • Gui1 – Animation slideshow (new feature).
  • GUI2 – Iris Manager with the classic cover.
  • GUI3 – No animation (original).

New tools PS3ISO version 1.7 Fixed a bug in the display of the reserve for the available space.

  • Fixed network initialization is missing for updating estimates of the cover.
  • Improved animation slider to the cover.
  • Improved extraction of files that are located within the ISO (ICON0.PNG, images and other files PARAM.SFO), which would lead to block the launch of some ISO.

Source And Download

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