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June 16, 2011

Brand new member banzzai brings us an update on Orb BR: With Orb BR Software you can watch all your favorite online content using your PS3.


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Hey dudes,

I’m from Orb, checking out what kinda press we’re getting so far (not that much apparently) and I feel like maybe some clearer info won’t be bad :)

So the way Orb works is :
– Free Orb server(s) to install on machines where you have your media. It does DNLA so from here you can already stream on your ps3 or any other DNLA.
– Free website to stream your media from anywhere using a web enabled device/pc.
– 10$ smartphone apps (Android’s left behind for now but the new version is about to hit the market) to stream on your phone over wifi or phone networks.
– 79$/99$ devices to stream stuff directly on to your hifi/tv
– 19$ BluRay discs to do the same on ps3. We had to split with other BluRay players because some are sloppier and need optimisation. Coming up next.
– FREE apps to pick what you stream on the paying devices from your couch (on iPhone / Android) or from your computer.

As for the internet content (not personal), we have FREE built-in plug-ins streaming Hulu, Hulu +, Netflix, Pandora, Sirius, Amazon, Youtube, Flickr, facebook pictures… Basically trying to do everything, and also released the api for people to add whatever they want (not completely sure we gone public on that yet but I think so).

? :)

Thanks for the update banzzai ! So basically, it is like buying an expensive Apple TV, WD TV, GoogleTV, etc, etc, to use with your Playstation 3 with alot more feautures for only $20! But only better!

Orb BR Blu-Ray Player Beta Testing: forums.orb.com

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