[Update] PS Vita Running PSP ISO’s – Confirmed

September 12, 2012

As i have no official confirmation from PS Vita devs, i am going to label this a rumour.

It seems that The Z a Super Moderator on German PSP website PSPKing, found a video on popular Chinese video site Youku, of an unknown coder playing PSP ISO’s and CSO’s on his PS Vita, here is a translated quote from the source, followed by the video, which TheZ uploaded to YouTube:

On the Asian video platform youku now a video has surfaced showing a PS Vita, which launches a sort ISO Loader, bringing to all appearances ISOs and CSOs can choose to launch the PSP.
Whilst this has been made ​​possible by other projects from other developers been, so this is the first time that a video was made ​​and posted them. One may assume that this is not PSP ISO Loader released for the PS Vita, as it is not based on the anscheinen VHBL is. Although this would appear PSP ISO Loader, the PS Vita would hardly hurt because no PS Vita can play ROMs or what is currently at the PS Vita is the most important thing.

Source PSPKing

Well know PSP Developer Wololo has confirmed this as the genuine thing, here are two small quotes from his article on his blog:

You might remember the hacker whom I nicknamed “Tony”, who was able to run PS1 games and psp isos with a CFW on a PS Vita. Or you might remember Davee’s HEN running on a PS Vita back in march. You might also remember that I mentioned that several groups are now in possession of a PSP kernel exploit on the Vita.

Well it seems today that a beta tester for one of these groups was not completely careful, and leaked a video showing him running psp isos on a Vita (video below).

What I can tell you right now is that this video is legit, and that this is neither Davee nor “Tony”‘s work. But this should not be a surprise to most people here, as I’ve mentioned in the past that we know of at least 5 groups that have PSP kernel exploits.

It’s worth mentioning that these exploits do not use VHBL in any way, but it is likely that most of them would require to go through a user mode exploit first (which probably means one of the game exploits we typically release with our Ninja release system).

To read full article visit:

Wololo’s Blog

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