[Update] Ps3 Hdd Reader for Windows:

August 10, 2013

Some days ago @Mackdanny posted an app made by @3141card PS3 Slim Windows Command line decrypter that only decripted Slim’s HDD only.
Now with this PS3 Hdd Reader app you can do this:

The app can now read, and copy from, fat and slim hdd’s.

Some words to safety. The app has only read access, self the incredible bug of
all Bug’s, can not lead to a write access. The app can not destroy your ps3-hdd.
Windows knows not about a ps3-hdd, its a unknown format for windows.
That mean, if you not initialize the ps3-hdd, AND DO IT NEVER, the ps3-hdd is not
existing for windows, no random read or write processes to a device which
not exists for the os.

Have fun.

Ok, with much help from @mind i get it work. A BIG THX to @mind for help me
debug the prog.

I will make some remarks to avoid some troubles:

@3141card states the following:

1) The App will NOT destroy your PS3′s HDD.
2)  Now you can COPY from PS3 Fats too.
3) Avast warning about detected “Win32:Evo-Gen [Susp]“. False Positive? = It’s not infected.



Thx and ok, but only to clarify…

This was not really a release, i post a simple tool for decryption in @zecoxao
Repository For Decryption Tools. I think, ok, its the right place and maybe interesting
for @zecoxao and the other user in this thread.

I will say it again, it was only a little study to learn how UFS2 work.
And the best way to learn, is a good example. 

[3141Card responses on this thread about this App] = Click here

No Virus Thanks results = PS3.exe and cyggcc_s-1.dll

Many thanks to @aldostools  @zecoxao @gingerbread and many others. Not to forget @GregoryRasputin for “wake me up” and @stussy1 :)

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