[Update] Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC v. Bridgestone Americas Inc

October 6, 2012

Now im not going to deny that i find any court dealing involving SCEA/SCE exciting, i have looked at 98% of court cases involving the company, since the OtherOS court cases and when PSX-Scene posted the PDF’s/files in regards to Sony suing certain Mod Chip sites over the original PS Jailbreak and the numerous case since then, so here is a new one, there isn’t a lot known about it and and i did want to post about it when it was first opened in court, back on the 11th Of September 2012, but there was even less known about it then, anyhow, im just going to leave this Rar with the two PDF Court filings and links to view those files if you don’t have a PDF reader.

Download Court case Rar

Link to court filing #1

Link to court filing #2


I will keep PS3HaX members informed of the proceedings :)

gary or /Griffin from PS3Crunch tweeted me and said this is what the court case is regarding:
‘Kevin Butler’ appears on a Wii advert, gets completely removed from it soon after

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