Update: Valve’s Steambox prototype can be hacked

September 25, 2013

Two days ago we reported on how, the number one PC gaming platform, Steam aims to conquer the living room. Today Valve unveiled the second pillar in this process;  titled Steam Machines Valve announced a beta program for their hardware.

It is well know that Valve will produce their own hardware, which in some capacity will work with their service Steam. We also know that other companies are working (with) Valve on similar hardware. So where is the actual news part, well Valve’s own open and upgradable Steambox prototype will have a beta test amongst eligible Steam users. This prototype hopes to set itself apart from the other devices by catering to “users who want to most possible control over their hardware.”

Similar to micro console Ouya, Vale states that they will allow their box to be hacked. – But careful readers might notice that doesn’t imply that the company will allow SteamOS itself to be hacked-

Hardware beta

Valve made 300 units of their own hardware prototype available for a beta test, claiming that implementing user feedback in design choices ensures that the right product will be made. Out of these 300, thirty “boxes” will go to preferred participants of the beta test. The other 270 “machines’ will be randomly granted amongst those who completed the Eligibility Quest before October 25th.

Prototypes for the beta will  ship this year and variety of SteamOS capable machines will hit the consumer market somewhere in 2014.

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