[Update] Xbox One – Next Gen Xbox Confirmed Specifications #XboxReveal #XboxOne

May 21, 2013

Well Microsoft did what Sony couldn’t, they showed the console and it is quite a sexy looking machine, i don’t like the name of the console though, it reminds me of the original Xbox, when one speaks of the original Xbox, they usually say the Xbox 1, the name is as dumb as Sony calling the PS2 PVR the PSX, when that’s what the public called the PS1, anyhow enough of my ranting, here are some specifications and details:

 photo SNAG-0030_zps8545aa04.png

 photo SNAG-0032_zps39892fef.png

 photo SNAG-0058_zps6f739231.png

 photo 20130514-XBOX-ONE-TEARDOWN-014-660x440_zps35e75137.jpg

 photo 20130514-XBOX-ONE-TEARDOWN-015-660x440_zps42127bec.jpg

 photo 20130514-XBOX-ONE-TEARDOWN-016-660x440_zpsa5533a4a.jpg


Those are the most important bits and on that note, im out for a while, taking a break from the forum, maybe be back in a few months, going to work on my History websites.

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