[Updated] Aldo’s Bruteforce Save Data:

January 17, 2013

Thanks to gingerbread for this one ;)

Aldo’s Bruteforce Data:

I am creating this thread for new & existing member to know the recent developments of @aldostools ’s Bruteforce Save Data. With @flatz ’s tool, Aldo has done an amazing job creating his Bruteforce Save Data tool. His latest update has significant changes to the application.

It’s a shame that very few users have contributed finding more secure_file_id’s.

Aldo has mention that only a handful of users are contributing to the keys database. It is my intention to let members know the highlights and feature of the amazing application.

Latest Version – 2.2.1


– A full fledged PS3 Backup Manager
– Profile Reassignment
– Ability to remove copy protection
– Ability to trade game save files with other players
– Save up to 5 custom profiles
– Backs up & Restore your Save Data to your custom location
– Transfer save files from BSD to USB easily
– Ability to open PS3 Sava Data in HEX editor easily for Mods & Cheats
– Comes with its default HEX editor
– Users able to set their own default Text & HEX editor
– Database has keys for over 750 Game Title
– Ability to Bruteforce Sava Data for unkown keys

[Download] =  http://aldostools.org/temp/BruteforceSaveData.rar

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