Updated Backup Manager, Iris, & A Message From the Developer

April 23, 2013

PS3 developer Estwald has released a quick update to Iris Manager. Version 2.36P contains an addition for Persian users with added language support, howerver only to the main menu. This is to aid Persian developers. Another addition is support for automatic VSH events for other CFW versions. The developer also has a message regarding Iris Manager been open source. The below text is a quote, roughly translated via Google translate, from the source linked below.

What’s new on Iris Manager 2.36P

Added Persian language only in main menu in test phase (NOTE: It is possible Persian language is no good translated: it is released only for test purpose and to provide a line to work for other persons with the source code. Thanks to Reza684 to aid for this support)

language.ini support now REVERSE = ON token for Persian/Arabic languages written left to right to be displayed right to left. English words (ASCII characters) are not order reversed, so if Arabic/Persian phrase is written as “HELLO [fed] [cba]” it is displayed as “[abc] [def] HELLO”

The sign “-” is used to don’t reverse one phrase: TOKEN = -Display this left to right

Added a new function for “Disc Less Payload” to support automatic VSH event from other CFW versions different to 4.31CEX or 4.40CEX.

It works as follow: when you plug an USB massive storage from Iris Manager, it show one screen and record the event ID for future use. So, more later, you can mount the fake disc with an USB device plugin or without one, pressing “PS” button from Iris Manager before to launch a game (when it shows XMB, you cause the necessary event)

NOTE ABOUT IRIS MANAGER AND ME: Remember Iris Manager is open source, you can modify it and start other different project based in this source code (if you are thinking in other different GUI, etc) or contribute with languages translation etc.

For me it is not easy to write in English (reason because I don´t participate in English forums, for example) but under my point of view, I am donate my work to the community and I am tried to bring all my thoughts and knowledge acquired (working too much) Provide triying to others All These Things in easy form: If other people want a different application, THEY can do it using existing code without any problem, but Iris Manager is “AS IS” and I do not have obligation to change a comma to Satisfy some users, porque is not my job and I have release the source code (complete source code) and Necessary tools to compile it in github thinking in others developers With Different ideas. Greets. – Estwald – 

Download: Iris Manager 2.36P

Source: elotrolado

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