[Update]Final Fantasy XIII-2 & Saint Seiya – eBoot Fixed [3.41+3.55] NO TB DONGLE REQUIRED

June 24, 2012

PS3HaX member Nicolas19 brought us the awesome news today, that the eBoots for two popular PS3 games have been fixed/cracked to work on 3.41/3.55 firmwares, without the need of that diseased True Blue dongle.

Here is a quote from the original English source:
Just wants to share this with my fellow gamers. Eboot was cracked by an anonymous Chinese hacker on 6-23-2012 and release on a very popular Chinese gamers site. My friends in HK confirmed its working on 3.55 without the TB dongle.

Anonymous Chinese hacker will release more games in the future.


Download Final Fantasy XIII-2 eBoot(All Regions)
Download Saint Seiya – Sanctuary Battle BLES01421 eBoot(Japan)

Alternate Link For Both Files
Final Fantasy XIII & Saint Seiya Eboot Fixes – Mediafire

So does this mean that the True Blue days are over.
Will garyOPA have to find new means to rip of you PS3 Sceners.
Will the Chinese hacker release his method.

According to the English source, the Chinese cracker wanted to be anonymous, but here are sources to the original, thanks to PS3HaX member Psgameboy:
Final Fantasy
Saint Seiya

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