[Update][Release] Control Fan Utility v1.6

May 10, 2013

Estwald has updated his Control Fan Utility app to v1.6, and PS3Haxer samson has repacked it to enable remote play. Click on the (more…) link to get to the full article.

by Estwald Today 16:21
I just uploaded version 1.6

Fixes a bug in the comparison of a record and add other things I hope to help solve the problems of crashes (one of the things I do is move the pointer I need to read, you will surely be in the stack, if is where the problem ASHI)

If you have a crash, it is important to tell if it responds to button off or not which game gives you, etc..

Note that the nature of the problems can be diverse and random, so if you do not give me up to the smallest detail …

Anyway, I exhaust the possibilities: how good of doing this is through a background task, as I can do on CFW 4.40 with the new Core and yet it may interfere like any other application, logically.

On the subject of which can lead to small cuts sound or some frame drop point, that if I can not do anything at all (consume his time reading, that drawer)

PD: But you try from this application, I am testing the payload from within Iris Manager, you already have all the support made XD (I’ve also enabled manual mode, but watch the values ​​that you put, when I do release, clear XD )



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Source: http://www.elotrolado.net/hilo_utilidad-control-fan-utility-v1-6-cfw-cex-3-41-3-55-4-21-4-30-4-31-y-4-40_1893851

Thanks to kristijan1001/samson for the news submission.

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