[Update][Released] PS_Unban V0.1 (4.21 Unban) (3.55 Unban)

December 20, 2012

PS3HaX member 0×00 has released a piece of software called PS_Unban, here is a paste from the original thread:

Okay, ladies and gents, the way I see it sony will soon patch my console unban method, in my opinion it will be possible to work around the patch, I however won’t release it publicly.

What I will however give you is : PS Unban, this is a tool to Unban your ps3 on both 4.21 and 3.55 firmwares (different pkg’s) (the 4.21 should work on both but meh), no console ID needed.

If it gets fixed i’ll patch it a few times.


Install either “PS_Unban v0.1(4.21).pkg” OR “PS_Unban v0.1(3.55).pkg on your PS3.

PS Unban (3.55) – Download PS_Unban v0.1(3.55).rar
PS Unban (4.21) – Download PS_Unban v0.1(4.21).rar

(The 4.21 should work on both firmwares).

Once you have installed PS Unban, run it.

When it opens,

Press X if your on firmware 4.21
Press the start button if your on 3.55

The application will then unban you and close automatically.

You can now sign into PSN.

This was created by me so for the love of god don’t start dishing donations out to people or what not, since people are trying to claim donations for my work -__-

Donations to me however would be appreciated if you want it kept up-to-date.

I still require a tidy 4.30 LV2 dump to make it compatible with 4.30 if anyone wants to send me one.

P.S – This has to be ran everytime PS3 is started, I might release semi-perma unban in future.

P.P.S – The 4.21 release is still beta, let me know if any issues occur.


Updated to version V0.1.2 (4.21)

Download PS_Unban V0.1.2 (4.21)

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