[Update][Rumour] PS4 Datasheet Leaked Or An Elaborate Hoax ?

May 25, 2012

We have reported on rumours regarding the PS4 before, which as rumours state is going to be called Orbis, well those rumours blow this rumour out of the water.

A German console website called PlayNation apparently have leaked documentation supposedly from Sony, here is a quote from said website:

Even prior to the times in the past called “Orbis” has been rumored as a code name for what Sony’s newest secret weapon, the PlayStation 4 is valid. Now an alleged data has emerged, which includes the development and launch date. Thus comes the next generation console during the 4th Quarter of 2013 in the trade. Furthermore, it is stated that the PS4 more than 10 GB and 10 GB of working memory has video and thus can have a respectable power. If that was not enough, a 2D 3840×2160 pixel resolution comes with the application, while 3D games, in full 1080p resolution, flicker across the screen.

It is noteworthy that PlayStation and PlayStation 2 and PS3 games on the PlayStation 4 are functional. The connection to the Vita and a new service called “Iris”, lists the data sheet. What do you think? Sony will let the cat during the upcoming E3 out of the bag?

Here is an image of the data sheet along with a download link to the full size:

Download Full Size Image

Source PlayNation

I decided to not be lazy and type out the rumoured specs on the sheet :)

  • CPU – Cell Broadband Engine X @ 3.2GHz – 16PPE’s – 128 SPE’s
  • GPU – Custom Nvidia/SCEI “quantum Leap” @2GHz
  • Memory – 10GB XDR” + 10GB GDDR6
  • Storage Capacity – 250GB/320GB Model depending
  • OS – Sony Aether
  • Video Resolution – 2160p 2D – 1080p 3D
  • Audio – 11.1
  • Media Formats – PS4 Game Disc – PS3 Game Disc – PS2 Game Disc – PS1 Game Disc – HD Blu Ray Disc – DVD – CD
  • Controller Input – Dualshock 4 – Dualshock 3 – PS Iris – PS Vita – PS Omni – PS Certified Xperia – Sony Tablet – PS Move – PS Eye – Sixaxis
  • Connectivity – USB 3.0 – HDMI 1.4 – Bluetooth 4.0 – WiFi b/g/n – DLNA – Ethernet – PS Vita – Memory Cards SD/MMC/etc
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