US PSN Accounts Struck By Unannounced Passwords Reset

November 26, 2013

US PSN Accounts Password Reset
As of late the PlayStation brand has had its, in my opinion, fair share of public support. If next –gen sales numbers are correct, gamers worldwide have (re-) embraced PlayStation and I hope this trend continues when in a few day time the PS4 officially lands in Europe.

A large aspect of the new found love gamers show for PlayStation stems from the gaming company’s ability to learn from past mistakes. Hmm, no, let me rephrase that; Sony has done an excellent job at communicating a message which resonated with gamers and arguably the gaming industry as a whole. Time will tell if they can truly deliver on their message.

Most gamers are very familiar with the dark period during which PlayStation Network (PSN) went offline for three weeks; PSN and PSN-user accounts being compromised by hacktivists certainly wasn’t good PR for the company. Even though the Xbox Live service from competitor Microsoft has also been compromised. The vocal majority of the gamers, at least on the internet, still associate these hacks more with PlayStation than with other companies. Digital safety has been, is , and will be  an issue for a long time to come seeing how our lives are increasingly intertwined with digital networks, whether you like this or not. But let me try and get to the point I want to make.

Today I turned on my PlayStation Vita and wanted to kick some online ass in Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition. Instead of connecting to PSN I was met with a message telling me my login information was incorrect. I freaked out and immediately started crying, after a couple of retries which all ended in the same message I tried to log in to PSN on the Sony Entertainment Network webstore. Same message, my login information wasn’t correct so I was denied access to my account.

So I did the only thing I could before picking up the telephone and call on the help from PlayStation’s customers service; I ACTED like I forgot my password by choosing the option in the PSN login screens, and after I jumped through the necessary hoops I received an email to reset my password. After that everything was smooth sailing and I could once again connect to PSN.

So basically it is a storm in a glass of water. But @italkgame, then why this lengthy article about the PSN Blackout? Well like I said at the beginning of this post, lately PlayStation has shown they “know what consumers want”, and communication wise they outwitted their opponents.  If PlayStation can do this to secure their future position in the console space, then surely they can also send me an email telling me how they have reset my password to secure the safety of my account.

Now I had to find out for myself and although this time PlayStation might very well have done the best thing to protect my account from being compromised, the lack of communication about this irks me and I am instantly reminded about the fiasco back in 2011.

A simple email alongside the reset would have showed me PlayStation has learned from their past mistakes. In all fairness it seems some people have received an email notification, if this is true then why didn’t I?A week ago PS Vita gamers were met with new Terms of Service in a manner which led to Vitas being unable to connect to PSN, while the solution was very simple PlayStation didn’t communicate why this happened very openly. A few days ago minimur12 wrote an article on how EU PSN accounts were also reset as a precautionary measure, and similar to now users learned of this after the reset happened. One would think that PlayStation would have learned from the confusion which followed, and give their customers a heads up.

What are your thoughts on this. Did this reset effect you and what was your reaction? Show your support for this kind of article by sharing through the usual social suspects; aka Google+, Twitter, Facebook ect. You can contact me directly on twitter @italkgame or leave a comment below

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