Use Your Powers for Good – DICE is Hiring for the Next Gen

April 3, 2012

OK, no one expects you to go work for DICE, go through all the trouble to relocate, etc. But this is interesting news nonetheless.

The makers of the popular Frostbite engine have posted a job opening at Gamasutra that specifically says it is for the “next gen,” though the candidate will work on current generation games as well.

This next-gen work could be Battlefield 4, but DICE has previously not ruled out a return to other Frostbite-using games such as Mirror’s Edge. Battlefield 4, of course, is going to happen – it’s been confirmed by EA president Frank Gibeau.

The Frostbite engine, and all its successors, is and will hopefully will always be a great engine, particularly for games with destructive environments. It will be interesting to see what they do with it using next-gen technology.

Anybody submitting their resume?

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