Using the DS4 controller on various devices (PC, PS3, Vita, Android…)

November 3, 2013

The DS4 controller is out already, and a a lot of people have picked one up. So did you just buy a DS4 controller for the upcoming PS4 release and would like to use it on your PS3, PC or Android device for right now.

Well I did a quick connectivity test to see which ones the ds4 controller would work with today.

The DS4 will work with a micro usb cable and your Windows PC. It will be recognized as a wireless controller in windows and will work with almost every pc game. I could not get it to be recognized via Bluetooth to have a wireless experience on the pc. I did like the control it gave me while playing Batman black gate.

ps4 ds4

The ds3 tools for the pc will not work with the ds4 as of right now.

ds3 tools

If you want to use the ds4 on your android device with the sixaxis app it will not work. The pc software for the sixaxis app does not see the ds4 controller, so can not reroute the Bluetooth address to your phone. Maybe with the release of the sony app for android phones the ds4 will get some support.


Using the DS4 controller on the PS3 you will also need to use a micro usb cable. I found no difference in using the DS4 controller as a wired ps3 controller. Now if you have any girl gamers in your family or friends they may not like the DS4 controller as a lot of girl gamers find the controller too big for there hands.

ds4 ps3

( wish full thinking) With the psvita tv coming soon, it uses the DS3 controller and soon will be able to use the DS4. Since it has the same OS as the the mobile psvita it would be nice if Sony would let us use the DS4 with all psvita’s.

ds4 psv13212

My overall experience with it on the PC or PS3 has been great and really like the response time it gave me on the pc the most. So have fun with your new DS4 controllers on your PC or PS3 for now.

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