Using ZeroVSH Patcher to mod your PSP

October 17, 2012

From my own experience I think ZeroVSH Patcher is one of the greatest plug-ins ever made for the PSP.

You can change nearly anything you’ve got in your XMB and comparing it to another great plug-in such as CXMB, which loads custom themes instead of the normal XMB, I think it depends on the person to determine the winner. If you like themes people make then you should stick to CXMB but if you like to get the things you most like from each theme and pack it all together, then this is your plug-in. Using it, as I said, you can change nearly anything, but the most visual things anyone would like to change would be:

  • Battery and loading icons: system_plugin_fg.rco
  • XMB Waves: system_plugin_bg.rco
  • Volume: impose_plugin.rco
  • Music Player: Music_player_plugin.rco
  • XMB Sounds: system_plugin.rco
  • XMB Fonts: ltn0.pgf
  • Gameboot: Gameboot.pmf

It’s as simple as downloading CTF Tool GUI and then converting the theme to your current PSP version and extracting the content. Then, using ZeroVSH Patcher you can load the .rco/.pmf and you’ve already changed a file inside the XMB, and then it is just simply picking files from different themes and mixing them to see which mixture is the best for you! I myself make gameboots and I will leave a few here, if you want more just PM me in the forum.


Well, this is all for now, comment if you have any doubts and I will upload more videos to my website and wololo’s web soon.


Download ZeroVSH Patcher here

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