Version 2.6.0 Brings Plenty of Changes: Universal Media Server 2.6.0 Out

March 31, 2013

SubJunk and the team responsible for the development of Universal Media Server has released version 2.6.0 for users to enjoy. With the release comes several changes including updated languages and encoders. Here’s the whole changelog:

  • General:
    • Added “Live Subtitles” which means you can select subtitles from the Internet via your device. It can be enable on the Navigation/Share Settings page.
    • Improved layout of the Navigation/Share Settings page
    • Implemented default subtitle preferences, to use them:
      • Either use the “Clean Install” option on Windows or put “eng,off;*,eng;*,und” into the “Audio/subtitles language priority” box in the “Subtitles settings” tab on the Transcoding Settings page
    • Fixed DTS muxing with FFmpeg
    • Added new “precoder” functionality, useful for plugin developers
    • Added h.264 encoding support to MEncoder (when renderers specify it)
  • Languages:
    • Updated Czech translation
    • Updated English settings labels
    • Updated Simplified Chinese translation (thanks, lovenemesis!)
  • External Components:
    • Updated h2 database to 1.3.171, which:
      • Increases speed
      • Improves JDK 7 compatibility
    • Updated MPlayer/MEncoder for Windows SB52, which:
      • Improves audio sync
      • Improves DVD support
      • Supports filenames with uncommon characters
      • Fixes memory leaks
      • Improves sync with Real videos
      • Fixes a crash
    • Updated Netty to 3.6.3, which:
      • Makes browsing more stable

You can download the latest version of Universal Media Server below.


Download: Universal Media Server 2.6.0 [Win | Linux | OSX*]


Source: UMS

* OSX version coming soon!

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