VHBL exploit for 2.60 released: Update

August 23, 2013

I won’t enter into discussion about who is wrong or who is right. I will just keep this Article updated. Also i don’t care who had the exploit first, etc, etc.
@Simonbuck posted this:

There had to be some surprises for this release, including multiBootMenu V4 (from Acid_Snake and GBOT), which added support for VHBL , allowing you to have more than one menu installed at once. pyMenu 0.4 , which includes huge changes compared to the previous version. And a possible update of 138Menu from GBOT. But none of these has had time to be completed, so you’ll have to wait a while before you see them.

Exploit (save Hack) Arcade Darts – (VHBL + 138Menu 1.1).rar (771 KB)

Enjoy ;)


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