(Video) A new usermode Vita exploit in the works?

February 17, 2013

Right after I just said vita exploits (or, by extension, exploits inside of the psp emulator) where getting sparse, it seems I am getting proven wrong, as what seems to be a legit usermode exploit appeared recently on psvitaturkyie.com

Scene developer xmax published several videos showing a weird series of scanlines running inside of an application (most likely a PSP game) on 2.05. This looks to me like the legit beginnings of a usermode exploit, where the initial “test” is usually to paint the screen in one color or another.

xmax says he will try to port TN-C or VHBL to his exploit on 2.05. Porting TN-C sounds extremely unlikely as this would mean he also has access to a kernel exploit (and if it was the case, I don’t think he would even mention VHBL).

Note that even if this is legit (which it seems to be), this looks like the very early stages of an exploit, and until xmax starts to try and port VHBL to his work, there is no saying VHBL is actually portable to this exploit. There are a few functions that are required for VHBL to work, and not all games import these functions. I am of course glad to help anyone porting their exploits to VHBL, although I haven’t been in direct contact with xmax yet (if you read this, feel free to PM me on the forums if you need help porting VHBL).

For now, take this piece of news with a pinch of salt, and keep in mind that TomTomDu80′s recently announced exploit is already a full working port of VHBL, and for now much more likely to see the light of the day.

source psvitaturkyie , thanks to azrayl for the tip!

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