[Video] One more PSP Hello world on the Vita 2.60

August 27, 2013

If you’ve missed the latest VHBL release a few days ago, you’ll be happy to know that there are still a significant number of PSP games with similar exploits available on the PSN, and it just takes hackers with dedication to find them :)

Such is the case of  xXShinkirouXx who contacted me recently to show me a hello world on the PS Vita, running on the latest 2.60 firmware. He confirmed this is not the Arcade Darts exploit that got revealed a few days ago. xXShinkirouXx also told me he already ported VHBL to this exploit, and will be showing a video proof of that in the days to come.

The exploited game is available in EU and US, and availability in other stores still needs to be verified. As far as a release is concerned, xXShinkirouXx is waiting for the next Sony official firmware release before considering it.

User mode exploits in PSP games are proving to be extremely frequent and relatively easy to find. VHBL was ported to 7 games exploits over the past 18 months, and a total of 11 PSP game exploits have already been used on the Vita to enable homebrews. It is believed that more than 10% of PSP games have security vulnerabilities that make them exploitable with simple buffer overflow techniques. I explain here how such vulnerabilities are found, and here how to port VHBL to an exploit.

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