(Video) PS Vita native “Hello World” by YifanLu

September 13, 2012

Update: Yifanlu has pulled the video in order to avoid too much hype like his previous announcement. Sorry :/

Developer YifanLu, who recently revealed he has been working a Vita usermode exploit, is teasing us with a 3D demo running through (I assume) his work in progress “Usermode Vita Loader” (UVL). Video below.

This video is no visual proof that he is actually running an exploit, but based on his reputation and previous work on the Xperia Play and on the Kindle, you can definitely trust that this is not a simple “hey look, I can use PSM” type of video.

The video itself is quite impressive compared to the “cube” sample we have been used to in the unofficial SDK back in the days of the PSP. Clearly, the Vita has some horsepower willing to be fully exploited. Yes, if, as many people assume, this is an exploit within the code of Playstation Mobile, it will have the limitations that come with this application. After all, this is yet another sandboxed system on the Vita, but it looks much more promising than the PSP emulator, in terms of raw power and I/O access.

Some fear that this could lead to bad things to the Vita, although it has been stated many times by Yifanlu himself that this cannot possibly be used to pirate Vita games (try to think rationally: Sony gave away their PSM sdk for free to hundreds of thousands of developers, do you think they would have done that if there was a tiny bit of possibility that this system could be used to remove the protection of Vita games? Let’s be serious one minute). I, on the other hand, fear that this exploit could be easily patched by Sony the way they patch game exploits on the PSP emulator. The main difference being that we have dozens of exploits in PSP games, while this one for now, is quite unique.

There is no word on a release for this now. In the meantime, Monster Hunter is still available on the PSN, and will let you run VHBL :)

Source: Yifanlu

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