(Video) PS Vita’s USB, the worst design ever?

January 3, 2013

psvita-usbOk, please tell me I’m not the only one who’s been annoyed by that thing since the day I got my Vita.

You know how innovative hardware companies like Apple designed cables that almost plug themselves into the device, or stuff that can charge without even being plugged in, or, recently, data cables that can be plugged both ways without any issue?

Well, the Vita has such a great system, with one minor detail: it’s not actually a feature, it’s a design bug, oh, and obviously, one of the sides will not work. I heard this issue was fixed with recent models (not sure they fixed the cable or the units…). But, please, tell me, am I completely dumb, or is everybody else constantly running into the same issue?

A typical session will go like this:

  • Plug in cable to PC and Vita
  • Run the Content Manager
  • Content Manager complains that I am not connected to any computer
  • Check that the content Manager client runs fine on the PC
  • Make sure that I didn’t mess up my OpenCMA install
  • Check that the cable is actually plugged into the PC
  • Reboot the console
  • Try again…
  • Realize the cable was plugged in the wrong way
  • Yell some 4 letter-word, and promise myself I’ll write a blog entry about how a multi million dollars hardware company can’t even get a cable design right. Well, at least that one’s done.

Hopefully the video below will show you I’m not completely making that up… How wasn’t that tested?

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