[Video] The Z showcases VHBL on Vita Firmware 2.60

August 12, 2013

Sometimes, there’s not enough hacking news for us to mention on this blog for months, and at other times, it feels we don’t have enough people out there to cover all of them. That was it for my lame excuse for being 3 days late on announcing this.

Following his “Hello World” video on Vita’s firmware 2.60, The Z quickly showed us he has more than that, with a full working VHBL port. This should be no surprise if you’ve been regularly following this blog, as we’ve known for a while now that he has had a working VHBL for quite some time in at least one game (which was only available in the EU store).

In this video, The Z shows he can run various PSP homebrews on his PS Vita running the latest 2.60 firmware: Wagic, Snes9xTYL (Super NES Emulator), Emumaster (a.k.a. Masterboy, Master system/ Game Boy emu), gPSP (Game Boy advance emu), and PSP Filer, probably the most popular File manager on the PSP.

VHBL is a PSP Homebrew launcher that runs on the PSP Emulator of the PS Vita. It does not let you run PSP isos, or Vita “homebrews”, let alone Vita game backups.

This video happens in the context of a previous announcement by Acid_Snake that he plans to release his own VHBL port sometime soon, and an unexpected return from Total_Noob who announced he owns a PSP Kernel exploit running on the Vita that he plans to release as well.

We’ve had regular releases of VHBL for the past months, but PS Vita firmware 2.02 is still one of our favorites because it is the last one that had seen a PSP Kernel exploit, from Total_Noob himself. That exploit allows the Vita to run, in addition to Homebrews, PSP isos and plugins.

Independently of what happens next, hopefully the hackers will be able to synchronize in order to not release all exploits at the same time, which could lead to some waste if not done properly :)

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