(Videos) The graphics of the PS4: New games and tech demos

February 21, 2013

Ready to see whats in store for graphics for the next generation console? Well look no further, I’ve rounded up videos of the announced titles for the PS4 thus far and some tech demos from the meeting!


The first thing that was showcased was the extremely impressive video of Unreal Engine 4 running on the PS4 in real time.


Quantic Dream’s David Cage revealed a new engine his studio has come up with for the PlayStation 4, displaying a stunning model of an old man’s head, something that looks as detailed as those found in CGI films and running in real-time on a PS4.


Another installment in the Killzone series will be exclusive to the PS4 and here is a gameplay video of it harnessing the raw power of the PS4.


In a presentation by Ubisoft at the PlayStation 4 event, they talked a little bit about their upcoming title, Watch Dogs….

And that’s not even all, Sony is surely behind their console by announcing Final Fantasy, Infamous: Second Son, Bungie’s Destiny, Drive Club, Knack, Deep Down, Diablo 3 and more. Oh and lets not forget the announcement of all these developers working on games for the PS4. Start speculating!


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